Qí, Wén juān is our After School Programs teacher and also teaches Mandarin Chinese language classes through our Language & Arts Center Programs.

Qí, Wén juān, also known as Luna, was born in Jinan City of Shandong Province, and moved to Portland in 2011. After she obtained her bachelors in Animation Art from Beijing Film Academy in 2008, she worked as an instructor at Shandong University of Art and Design until she decided to come to Oregon. You can see her projects and art-work at her blog, www.wenjuanqi.com.

Luna believes in a patient and interactive educational style, and utilizes her artistic background and educational experience to engage students in their study of Mandarin.  In her opinion, it is optimal to have students actively play around with the language and learn to be comfortable in using it. Especially since Mandarin is not a commonly used language in the Portland area, she believes that context and application are essential for a continuous engagement in the language. For her afterschool students, she is a dedicated resource and an authentic link to the Mandarin language.  And for her adult students, her classes focus on exercises with sentence construction and conversational ability, although there are still find plenty of opportunities to explore the thousands of Chinese characters that compose the written language. Her materials often include original art created by her, as a way to help students foster a positive and creative relationship with Mandarin.

Education and application of knowledge are the foundations of Luna’s lifestyle. Personally, she loves creating things, and eats up every DIY opportunity that catches her interests. She especially loves learning new knitting techniques and different DIY mediums that create functional and accessible art. The presence of learning a second language is embedded into her everyday life. Despite having graduated from the PCC ESOL courses and having taken college level English classes, she still learns more about the English language every day.

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