Master Shàowén Yù
The Founder of U.S. Wushu Center and former member of the Beijing Wushu Team in China, Master Shàowén Yù grew up in Beijing, China, where he began his training with the Beijing Wushu Team at a very young age with his friend and teammate Jet Li.

As a member of the Beijing Wushu Team, Master Shàowén toured more than 50 countries, garnering praise and recognition for his many styles and techniques, as well as earning the distinction of World Champion.

While in Beijing, Master Shàowén studied the following styles: Monkey, Longfist, Broadsword, Spear, Cudgel, Straight Sword, Butterfly Knives, 9 Sectional Whip, Tai Chi, and Bagua. Additionally, Master Shàowén’s teacher developed a special Qi Gong style which utilizes a short wooden staff.

Following a successful competitive career, Master Shàowén moved to the Pacific Northwest in the early ’90s and opened his first school in Portland, Oregon, where he combines a holistic approach to health and well being with the most advanced Wushu and Tai Chi training available in Oregon.

Master Shàowén is famous for performing the Monkey form style. It is a difficult and challenging style with which he wowed audiences and earned numerous awards. As the name implies, this style emulates the unique movements and characteristics of the monkey.

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