Master Gāo, Jiāmĭn
Master Gāo has won 32 gold medals in Tai Chi competitions in China and around the world, a feat that never has been matched. In fact, Master Gāo's image appears on Tai Chi form posters that are used in many martial arts schools in Asia and America.

Master Gāo was born in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China, in the Year of the Horse (1966). She began studying Wushu at the age of eight, which proved to be very helpful to her hyperactive condition. Her first studies were in the Shaolin Longfist style. At age 14, Gāo began serious training with a competitive wushu team with Zeng Nai Liang. It was Zeng who started Gāo on her path to stardom in Tai Chi.

While Tai Chi is Master Gāo’s specialty, she also is highly proficient in many external wushu styles. Her capabilities are underscored by the fact that one must perform six different wushu styles in order to win a National Championship, a feat she achieved on multiple occasions.

Master Gāo graduated from the Shanghai Sports College in Physical Education. Both before and since her collegiate studies, she has trained under many well-known masters. She has held Board and Advisory positions with the Fujian Wushu Association and the Macau Wushu Association. Additionally, she has done extensive research on the subject of traditional Tai Chi and its origins and development.

For an in-depth look at Master Gāo, Jiāmĭn’s background, please review this interview which appeared in the July 2000 issue of Kungfu Magazine.

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