Our After School Programs staff consists of a combination of regular After School staff and instructors from our U.S. Wushu and Language & Arts Center organizations.

After School Program Staff

Bi, Hai
Guzheng Instructor
Bi, Hai started studying the guzheng at the age of nine. Over the years he has systematically studied many guzheng songs from many guzheng schools under famous masters.

U.S. Wushu Instructors

Master Shàowén Yù

Founder of U.S. Wushu Center and former member of the Beijing Wushu Team, Master Shàowén grew up in China, where he began his training at a very young age. He went on to perform around the world with his friend and teammate Jet Li.

Master Gāo, Jiāmĭn

Master Gāo has won 32 gold medals in Tai Chi competitions in China and around the world, a feat that never has been matched. In fact, it is her image on Tai Chi form posters on the walls of countless martial arts school walls throughout Asia and America.


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