After School Care FAQ

How long does the program last?

The Qian Kun Institute offers two After School Care terms each year. These are the Winter/Spring term and the Fall/Winter term.

Winter/Spring term typically runs from January 3rd until mid-June, and includes major holiday dates, but DOES NOT include Spring Break.

Fall/Winter term typically runs from mid-August until the end of year holidays.

Where is After School Care provided?

Our After School Care program uses the facilities at the U.S. Wushu Center. We use the classrooms, wushu studio and Pearl Court, depending on the activities the students are involved in.

How do the children get to U.S. Wushu Center?

A driver from the U.S. Wushu Center will pick your children up at their school and bring them to our Center. We provide the school with the documentation they require for safety purposes.

When do the children need to be picked up?

The Center is open until 6:00, and all children should be picked up before that time. There is no need to worry if you are running a few minutes late, because we would never leave a child unattended, but if lateness becomes a regular problem, it is something we would need to find a solution for.

Are all the students put together?

We have multiple classrooms, so After School Care students are separated into several groups according to their grade in school. Typically, these groups would be similar to K – 1st, 2nd – 5th, and 6th & Up. Actual groups may vary due to the number of students in each grade. For example, if we had a large number of 4th and 5th graders, but only a couple of 2nd graders and no 3rd graders, the 2nd graders would probably be placed with the 1st graders. In general, we try to group students according to their personal needs.

What type of activities do the students do?

After the students have arrived and settled down, we concentrate on assisting them with the homework they have brought from school. Following homework help, most of the students have Wushu training.

Will the students experience anything besides homework and Wushu?

Yes. Our programs are oriented toward the Asian culture. As a result, your children will have the opportunity to participate in various Chinese cultural activities in addition to their homework and martial arts activities. These activities could include things such as Chinese art or folk dancing, as well as just having fun playing ping pong or other games in our Activity Center. You can select your desired activities when you register.

What goals do you have for students in addition to better grades?

As we mentioned earlier, our approach is Asian in its cultural influence. Our view is long-term. We believe that if students of any age are to succeed, it begins with a commitment to the way we live our lives. We don’t believe in “quick fixes.” This is why we emphasize the martial arts in our programs. Wushu training develops respect, discipline and character, but it requires a long-term commitment to deliver on its promise of success.

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