After School
We believe that for children to be healthy and happy, and to excel in their education and other activities, they need a strong foundation. This foundation is based upon a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, good language and math skills, self-discipline and a constructive attitude. This is the traditional Chinese approach to raising children.

The Qian Kun Institute offers a variety of programs and activities for students after they have completed their day at school. These include our scholastic After School Program and our Wushu After School martial arts classes, as well as other Chinese language and arts classes.

These programs have been created and are administered in a way that helps to provide the foundation we believe all children need.

When they participate in one of our programs, you can be confident that your children are in a clean, supportive and safe environment, which helps them (and you) relax.

For our scholastic After School Program, all of our school instructors are native-speaking Chinese and professional educators who can help your children better understand the homework they have been given.

One of the greatest challenges parents face when their children are learning a foreign language, particularly one as foreign as Chinese, is that they  cannot help their kids better understand the work they are given at school. But we can. We provide the unique guidance and support your children need, which helps them relax and keep up in school.

And for students (and parents) who wish to also participate in our martial arts programs, we have Wushu instructors who are world champions and have dedicated their lives to martial arts training and performance. They understand the physical requirements and limitations of all ages of children.

For those who wish to participate in both our scholastic and martial arts programs, the combination provides your children with well-rounded intellectual and physical fitness, as well as important emotional development.

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